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The Scheme
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1. The Scheme

The AWRFC 200 Club

Wanderers are running a fund-raising venture – The AWRFC 200 Club. For those of you who have not come across a 200 club before, here is a description of the scheme –

The Plan - Up to 200 people buy one or more 'shares' per year. Half the total sum raised goes to the Club Development Fund and the other half is distributed as prizes to winning 'shareholders' whose share numbers have been drawn.

Membership - The cost of each yearly share is £60 - £5 for each month. Shareholders may hold more than one share.

Shares - Each share is numbered and that number belongs to the member to whom it is allocated for as long as he or she is a paid-up member of the 200 Club.

Prize Draw - All share numbers are included in each monthly draw. A draw will be made at the commencement of each monthly Senior Committee meeting (or by the President and one other Committee member should the meeting be cancelled).
Prize money depends on the number of paid-up shareholders that month.

Example Annual Income from 200 shares @ £5 per share
Monthly prizes, based upon a full take up
1st prize £250, 2nd prize £100, 3rd prize £50 and 5 prizes of £20 each.
Funds for future development of the Club £6,000

You can see that this scheme raises serious money for AWRFC – and gives you a chance of winning your money back each month – and more! Your interest in AWRFC, and your support, is greatly appreciated and we hope you will want to take part in this fund-raising scheme.

If you want to join, please see the attached document


200 Club Application Form